Recruitment for senior legal officers

About Nigeria The Investment Authority of Nigeria (“NSIA” or “The Authority”) is a company set up by the Federation to manage funds beyond hydrocarbon expenditure. His aim is to be a leader in promoting sustainable economic development for the benefit of all Nigerians by building a safe haven for Nigerians, enabling the development of Nigeria’s infrastructure. provide support during times of crisis. NSIA adopted its policy from the NSIA Act which was enacted in May 2011. It provides the authority to receive, manage and invest in a number of long-term strategic portfolios in the Federal, State and Local Government Councils. in preparation for the closure of Nigeria’s hydrocarbon reserves. To implement these rules, the NSIA set up three funds: the Stabilization Fund, the Future Generations Fund and the Infrastructure Fund. The function of the Stabilization Fund is to provide financial support during times of crisis; Iran’s future is the future savings for future generations in Nigeria and the Nigerian Ministry of Infrastructure is investing in building materials. In this regard, the authorities are looking to recruit staff, professionals and professionals to fill the following vacancies: Job Name: Lawyer Ref Country: ES0097 Status: Job Description of Abuja and General Council, known to provide legal officer with the Authority in matters of litigation, land / property certificates, contracts and other commercial matters and law relating to effective disclosure. Services Support the provision of ongoing legal advice and policy for operational and related investment to all organizations. Supports the provision of general regulations regarding employment, current legislation regarding taxes, charges, investments and other matters relating to employment and the purpose of authority. Help manage your relatives

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