Samsung working on creating a robot that can serve you drinks

Samsung works with robots that have the ability to pick up clothes, clean dishes, set up tables, spread out news, and bring you drinks. A robot called Bot Handy, Samsung says it will have the ultimate in camera and AI. “The kitchen, the living room, and the kitchen sink are all very good,” said Sebastian Seung, co-chair of Samsung Research. . For now, it is unclear how close Bot Handy is to being a law abiding transmitter. Samsung declares without jewels not to be a spreading window, the company that created CES mee something to show the beloved and-want difference of real design.

The robot seems to be in the process of being “set up” Video: Samsung Na ya ya ya a a, Bot Handy is a long, robotic, black and white robot with two digital lenses that turn the upgrade upside down. -agara. The robot has an arm that has the potential to be upgraded to three points – the choice of shoulder, wrist, and wrist – with a hand similar to the end. There are robotic cameras and handouts for sound. The robot has the ability to navigate around the building by what appears to be a moving object, a space being navigated in close proximity, to elevate itself to the extent that these are elevated.

very lightly Samsung claims that the robot will be able to monitor the use of various devices and then use them with due force. It needs to be able to handle different objects, different objects, and different shapes. And with the addition of Bot Handy, Samsung’s updated Bot Care type, “someone-assisted robotic and one-off” of the company’s best debut in 2019.. to work sometimes you also have additional resources. At the show, Samsung’s robot-growth robot was taking over the ownership of the company in hopes of joining the global corporation. Like Bot Handy, nothing shows in the length of time we eat.