Saudi Arabia to begin registration for COVID-19 vaccine

Saudi Arabia to announce new registration program for coronavirus vaccine, Dr. Mohamed Al Abdul Ali, a spokesman for the health minister, said. Speaking to reporters daily about the new coronavirus status, he said the minister was keen to ensure the safety and functionality of the vaccine as a proper precaution on its own. “The government can enter into a special agreement with the company, which develops the coronavirus vaccine, and will be one of the first countries where the vaccine will be available,” he said. He said the Government has become one of the countries showing an increase and decrease in coronavirus and disease levels. His spokesman and the minister emphasized the need to follow all preventive measures and preventive measures taken by competent authorities to stop the spread of the disease. Saudi Arabia will set up a registration process for individuals to register for vaccination as soon as possible. Details will be released soon, a spokesman said, adding that officials are careful to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine as well as a panel of experts to support it. ya. The government registered 200 new coronavirus daily on Saturdays and Sundays, signaling a significant reduction in new infections when they registered nearly 6,000 daily during the outbreak period. Regardless of the number of illnesses, authorities continue to encourage people to follow preventive measures including the inclusion of covers and social involvement in an effort to reduce the number. The health ministry reported 358,713 illnesses, 348,879 recovering and 5,965 deaths on December 6.