Scholarship in Denmark for prospective constructors

Behind every brick and mortar wall is a visionary – someone who implements projects from foundation work to finishing. Building managers bring to life livestock-type homes, apartment buildings in the city, office parks, and the local shops where we live and work. If you want a hand to build the world around you, consider learning to be a construction manager.

A career in construction management is a great way to stand out from the traditional office environment and still earn a substantial salary. As a construction manager, you have a rewarding career as a supervisor, analyst and dealer. On top of that, you’ll probably never run out of work: the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts an 8 percent increase in construction management jobs over the next 10 years. Get off the clipboard, put on your helmet, and read on to find out what it takes to become a builder. What is construction management? Construction management is a form of project management that involves planning and supervising construction projects from start to finish.

A construction manager is a professional who coordinates, budgets, and oversees construction projects from homes to skyscrapers. What does the construction manager do? Construction managers oversee each phase of a construction project.
The most common project managers are housing, commercial real estate, public buildings, industrial buildings, and roads and bridges.

Typical tasks for construction managers are: Estimating construction project costs Creating budgets and schedules Meeting with clients during the planning process to refine construction plans and budgets In collaboration with architects, engineers, and other construction experts Discuss contracts and technical details with other construction professionals

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