Schorlarship in Japan for international research students

Special Description: The Center for Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) offers foreign students who wish to study at the University of the City of Higher Education Japanese as (uneducated) or undergraduate degree for undergraduate students under Japanese government (MEXT) Education Program 2015. See also Japanese Government Training for Uneducated Students. Guest link (s): University in Japan

Research site: Applicants should apply for their studies in a university or related department. The field of education must be a subject that researchers will be able to study in research and higher education at a Japanese university. Birthplace may be restricted by a section of the Japanese Embassy / Consulate General (now called the “Embassy of Japan”). See government agencies for additional restrictions in the study area. Number of Scholarships: Unpredictable Goal: Foreign countries have international relations with the Japanese government. Scholarship: This program includes a scholarship of 143,000-145,000 yen per month, which can be given to others who are studying or studying in the listed areas, travel expenses in Japan, and tuition fees. See government agencies for full educational program benefits.


(1) Country: Applicants must have their own country and the Japanese government has international relations. Individuals may also be seeking education. Applicants in Japan at the time of application are not eligible. However, researchers of the two countries living outside Japan were old enough to leave Japan by the time they arrived in Japan. The reviewers will review the documents and information of the Japanese representative and the countries of the reviewers

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