Science and engineering scholarships for Africans

Important Description: One year the South African Women’s Association in Science and Engineering (SA WISE) is awarding Angus Cultural Gift, going to Sub-Saharan University to graduate at 70% but it is a very special grade level. The grant is a grant for the 1st year of school journalism with a degree of observation (or the affinity of a good feature) in the area of ​​good engineering progress.

The applicant should be a member of the SAWISE project. Link visitors (s): We do not specify. Interests: Gift Science and Engineering: The same outrage is awarded every year. Target group: Women from Sub-saharan Africa. The South African seekers will be given an opportunity. Something useful / included: We give the child wisdom about 1 beautiful native and the note talks about the positive (but it is an apathy of what is good). The touch section is false for the information of others.

Eligibility: Displays a number of other program coordinators for information of others. Instructions: as necessary in advance of the publication of the publication website (link below) for full information on the evolution of the results of the publication of this booklet.

The fast deadline is November 30 of the year. Noise Information: SAWISE Scholarship Committee P O Igwe 34085 Rhodes Gift Card 7707

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