Six tips to avoid accidents on a cruise

If looking hit the high seas after lockdown ends, remember that cruise ship passengers are at risk for various accidents. Here are a few tips to keep safe and enjoy your travels.

Like most of the tourism industry, cruise ships took a big hit in 2020. Don’t expect them to be down for long, though. After months of lockdowns and travel bans, once the tourism industry opens back up after the pandemic has subsided, people will be swarming to make a getaway. The last thing you want when finally able to experience the joy of traveling again is to have your trip ruined by an injury.

If looking hit the high seas after lockdown ends, remember that cruise ship passengers are at risk for various accidents. Here are a few tips to keep safe and enjoy your travels.

Don’t run
Think of a cruise ship as being near a giant swimming pool. The rules are to never run around the pool, and considering that most cruise ships have at least one swimming pool onboard, it should serve as an easy reminder. Running around the ship can not only lead to an injury to the person running but could result in anyone they come into contact with suffering an injury as well.

Wear proper footwear
With the massive size of cruise ships, they usually don’t suffer from too much motion on the ocean. However, it is not unheard of for the ship to get rocked from time to time on rough seas. As big as the vessel is, it pales in comparison to the size and power of the open ocean. Wearing shoes that can help you keep your feet if the boat does face some large waves is a helpful way to keep from getting hurt.

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Aside from the movement of the boat with multiple pools and hot tubs on board, you are likely to face some wet surfaces that could lead to slips and falls. These wet surfaces are especially likely with kids on board, leaving the pools and running around without properly drying off first.

Be aware of your surroundings
Observation is the number one way to avoid injury in any area of life. Paying attention to what is going on around you and identifying any potential hazards will help you to protect yourself from harm. Spacial awareness is especially important when you are in an unfamiliar setting. At home, you know where everything is and are only likely to get hurt by neglecting to examine your surroundings if something is out of place.

In an unfamiliar environment, however, you don’t know what potential dangers may lurk around every corner. Stay alert to what is happening around you, and you should be able to avoid most threats.

Avoid drinking in excess
For adults on a cruise ship, one of the most common factors in accidents is alcohol consumption. For those who enjoy a drink, a cruise can seem like the perfect place to indulge your thirst. After all, there tends to be alcohol available in abundance when on a cruise ship. Plus, depending on the package you bought, you may have already paid for an unlimited supply.

People also feel that since they don’t have to worry about driving home, this is the perfect opportunity to have one drink after another. They figure that they don’t really have to worry about anything other than a hangover.

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However, it is important to remember that wherever you are, risks exist, and too much alcohol consumption can lead to poor decision making and slow reaction times. Alcohol will also make it difficult to follow the last safety tip of being aware of your surroundings. While you certainly don’t have to stay sober on your trip, drinking in moderation can help you to avoid getting hurt.

Drinking too much alcohol while spending the day out on the deck also has the potential to increase your chances of sunstroke. Alcohol makes it more difficult to regulate your body temperature.

Wear sunscreen
When out on the water, it is always important to wear sunscreen. When there are clear skies overhead, and the sun is beating down, it also reflects off the water and shines up at you as well. If you are spending much time above deck during the day, make sure to lather up to avoid getting crispy.

Stay hydrated
Another hazard of being out in the sun for too long is dehydration. Make sure to drink plenty of water and avoid dehydration and sunstroke so that you can best enjoy your trip.

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