Steps on how to write a core resume

Athletes know that developing a strong core is one of the best ways to improve performance. Washboard abs not only look good – they are also a key support for the whole body.

Similarly, building core competencies for a resume will support your application and strengthen your appeal to employers. With grace, you can create core competencies in one afternoon – no hard exercise is needed to reap the many benefits. What is core competencies? Core competencies are skills, knowledge, and abilities that are relevant to career and job goals. They show employers that you are qualified to do the job you are applying for.

“The CV Skills Recording section provides a snapshot of your best skills and demonstrates adaptation to targeted jobs,” said Stacy Valancy, MBA, certified professional resume writer and founder of Next Level Career Coach, a resume and career coach. Emphasize job-related skills in the core competency area, says Phil Hurd, a nationally certified resume writer and owner of Catalyst Resumes LLC, a leading resume service specializing in the technology sector.

Work-related skills are unique to the target job and include specialized knowledge such as Java, lean methodology, or lead generation. “Soft skills – such as teamwork, communication and adaptability – are also good, but avoid vague commonalities. For example, define “leader briefings” instead of just “communication skills,”

Hurd says. Examples of core competencies Accountant: Accounts payable Trade receivables Journal entries Account reconciliation Financial Reports QuickBooks Payroll
Month-End Processes Sales Representative: B2B Sales Presentations

|Development of the proposal Creating a lead for account growth Pipeline management Regional Growth

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