Swan late: A mourning bird holds back German trains

A swan, who mourned the death of his companion on a German railway line, held 23 trains for almost an hour and had to be removed by fire fighters with special equipment, the police said. According to the Kassel police, the two birds got lost “during an excursion” on the trail of the high-speed line between Kassel and Göttingen in central Germany. One of the birds died, possibly after being trapped in overhead lines, according to the Dec. 23 incident statement released Monday. His companion then sat next to the grieving body, resisting the officials’ attempts to divert it, and temporarily closed the line to traffic. Firemen with special equipment were then called in to lift the dead swan and its surviving companion from the area. According to the police, 23 trains were delayed by about 50 minutes during the rescue operation.


  1. What bird if I may asked.is very touching story neither.

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