Tesla presents the refreshed Model S with an airplane-shaped steering wheel and additional display

Tesla announced on Wednesday that updated versions of the Model S and Model X will be released later this year. For years there have been rumors that the Tesla Model S – the company’s oldest model – is cooling off. And on Wednesday, the electric car maker Elon Musk arrived. Tesla unveiled a revised Model S in its fourth quarter 2020 earnings report on Wednesday and updated its online configurator to reflect the upcoming changes. The Model X and Model S are currently being completely revised. New models will go into production later this year, Tesla confirmed. “In the past few weeks we’ve been upgrading our Fremont facility to bring the new Model S and Model X to market. These changes include a new powertrain (battery modules, battery packs, drive units), an all-new interior, exterior updates, and other improvements, “the company said.” Production will resume in the first quarter and will return to full capacity over time. ” Tesla rotated the portrait-oriented touchscreens of the sedan and SUV by 90 degrees so that they now resemble the landscape screens integrated into the center console of the Model Y and the 3 rear passengers.