The 4 greatest email clients for Mac in 2022

Apple Mail is the company’s default email client in the United States. Although it is an excellent email management tool, it lacks essential functionality that the competition offers. As a result, we’ll tell you which are the finest email programs for Mac in 2021, in addition to Apple Mail.

The 4 greatest email clients for Mac in 2022

This time, we’ve put together a concise list of the top alternatives to Apple Mail as a mail client. They contain the necessary functions to manage your email or that of your company, despite being simple platforms.

1. Spark, one of the most comprehensive iOS choices

It’s difficult to make a list of the greatest email clients without include Spark. The smart inbox is its key feature. Spark allows you to prioritize critical messages by putting them at the head of the list.

It also keeps track of all emails sent, letting you know when you get a response. As if that weren’t enough, classify the emails and prioritize the ones from people you know. You can schedule emails to be sent at any moment, just as with Gmail. Its calendar feature keeps you organized at all times. You can also share emails with coworkers so that they can alter them and keep some emails private. It has a completely customizable UI that is extremely straightforward and simple to use.

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Yahoo, Google, iCloud, Outlook, IMAP, and Exchange accounts are all supported by the platform. Individuals will benefit from the free version. It does, however, provide premium programs for businesses. Spark is available for download here.

2. Mozilla’s email client, Thunderbird

Thunderbird has already been mentioned as one of the top mail programs for Windows 10. This platform, however, is also available on iOS and macOS. Mozilla’s Thunderbird made it into our Top 4 due to its great features. Thunderbird’s strong Spam filter is one of its key attractions. This protects you against the majority of junk mail. Despite the fact that it is not in active development, the software receives regular security updates, ensuring that your data is safe.

Thunderbird may lack some of the features seen in the other programs on this list. It is, however, a terrific method to keep all of your mail organized. Furthermore, its user interface is straightforward, and tabbed browsing makes it simple to view emails.

Here’s where you can get Thunderbird.

3. Newton Mail, formerly known as Magic Cloud

This is perhaps one of the most straightforward alternatives on the list. The ease with which it interfaces with other platforms, however, is its key selling point. Compatible with Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud cloud storage apps.

In addition to business apps like Trello and productivity apps like Things, there are a variety of other apps to choose from. The renowned “double-check” to determine when a message has been read is one of the inbox’s functionalities.

Furthermore, its Spam filter is fairly effective, removing news and other distractions from the inbox. You can also plan emails to be sent later with Newton Mail. There are over 40,000 users on the platform globally; if you’d like to join them, go here.

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4. AirMail.

This is the only paid app on the list that we will add. Despite the fact that there are many free features, it is recommended to pay for a subscription to gain access to all of the tools. AirMail offers a user interface that is not only appealing but also highly speedy. This platform was created specifically for Apple’s iOS and macOS operating systems. Regardless, it is fully compatible with all of Google’s features, making it excellent for Gmail emails. AirMail includes a smart inbox as well. As a result, it will filter out any distractions such as news and commercials, allowing it to focus just on the most critical signals.

AirMail can be downloaded by clicking here.

These are the top email clients for Mac in 2021, according to us. Any of these can be used to replace Apple Mail and help you handle your emails more effectively.

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