The fullbridge teaching assistant program

The Public Section of the US Mission Nigeria invites all Nigerian students and historians from the US College. The US-based FLTA program is designed to educate overseas students about the educational opportunities available. an American language student in college. The code of conduct also gives participants the opportunity to improve their training skills, improve their English language skills and disseminate positive information about the United States peace and website in what is often called the book-learning process. strengthen the instruction of foreign languages ​​in ipa. Comingcho the participant picks up his job statement. Along with the loss of their material, participants are taught language training, responsible for language transfer and language table communication. The role of hangers is to be followed by those who are responsible for the economy and transit, those who serve in foreign languages, those who serve in the home language, the programs of others, those who speak strangely, clubs Languages, homes, tables and many more. Enyemaka Fund: The award covers travel trips of those who offer tours in the United States, remittance expenditures, feminism, housing, good news, and work experience for ha. Arrangements will be made for the Fulbright FLTA holiday participants in the United States before the event. During the FLTA programs, we gathered groups to participate in the important events of Fulbright’s conference for great fun and positive thinking.