The ultimate beginner’s guide to Winter camping

If you are someone who is considering winter camping for the first time, you need to start your trip fully prepared. Winter months are harsh and you need proper gear to enjoy your days in nature.

Spending a day in nature is a wonderful and refreshing thing. It doesn’t matter whether you do it alone, with friends, or as a family, being able to spend some time away from the hectic atmosphere of the urban communities will do you good. Staying away from the internet and social media will allow you to concentrate on more important things in life.

However, when those winter months arrive, we are less inclined to go and enjoy nature. After all, who like being stuck outside in the cold weather. Things can be especially hard for those who are new to camping and decide to do it for the first time during this time of the year.

The right equipment for low temperatures
Those who haven’t spent the winter night in nature can be very surprised when they actually realize just how cold it can be. Make sure you come prepared. Before you go camping for several days, it would be a good idea to try in only for a night or two. This way you can get a better sense of what you can expect and what you should bring.

Aside from the law temperatures, you will probably be facing some of the other meteorological elements characteristic for this time of the year. From falling snow and rain to strong winds, camping can be unbearable if you don’t have the right gear with you. 

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Some of the things that are simply a must when it comes to equipment are waterproof clothes and boots as well as ‘bombproof’ tents. You will also need a sleeping bag and mat to stay warm during the night. Due to sometimes unforgiving weather conditions, you also need to think about your safety. Crampons, ice-ax, and avalanche beacon should all be included.

Of course, you will not see the benefits of all this gear if you don’t know how to use it. So, don’t forget to learn what are the proper ways of using each piece of the equipment. That’s going to mean a lot and make your tip much more pleasurable. 

Four-season rating tents
These are the tents that are designed to survive the harshest of weather conditions. They are made from very durable fabric that will provide anyone who’s using it a complete protection from the water and wind. When it comes to the size, you should really consider buying something that will provide you with more room. In the case you need to stay extra days waiting for the weather to clear up or something similar, a few extra feet will mean a lot.

Winter camping gear is heavier and demands more space, so you need to consider this when you start packing. However, heavier means good in this case as it provides better protection. Still, the type of tent you choose will also be determined by the location. So, make sure you consider all aspects of the trip before deciding what to buy.  

Sleeping bags
Never forget that this is a winter camping trip and as such staying warm should be at the top of your priorities. Being in the cold during the day, you want at least to know you have a worm ‘bed’ waiting for you during the night. Although they can be rather heavy and are not really cheap, you don’t want to mess around when it comes to this part of your gear. The main reason is that a good sleeping bag will eliminate the possibility of getting sick.

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Aside from your well-being, you want to get as much good night sleep as possible. After all, if you don’t renew your energy levels during the night, you will not be able to perform your planned daily activities as efficiently as you intended.

One of the ways to know you’re getting what you want is by reading the product description. However, companies are not above marketing trickery so the best option would be to go by the temperature figures. For the best insulation, the best option would be to get the so-called ‘mummy style’ bag that has a hood that goes over your head.

If you are someone who is considering winter camping for the first time, you need to start your trip fully prepared. Winter months are harsh and you need proper gear to enjoy your days in nature. Without a warm and comfortable place to rest and sleep, you will be exhausted and you might even get sick. 

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