The ultimate vhaiba china food

Dezhou Braised Chicken is one of the many meals I encounter that is a mistake. Meanwhile, during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), an employee of a chicken shop in Dezhou, now in Shandong in eastern China, fell asleep. your job then cooking your chicken. But his mistake left the owner of the store, Jia Jiancai. Following the completion of the process, the offense led to local signatures and taxes to the royal family. Cui Ling who appeared heir showed me how to turn a chicken into a famous place before cooking. / Photo CGTN From Chicken to Luxury, Cui Ling – a 93-year-old student of Dezhou Chicken House, Cui Changqing – gave me a training. Chicken is held in a special position before being dipped into hot cooking oil: We spread its wings through the mouth and move it to a straight line, where the legs are crossed and put it in a hole. I was told it would look like a duck floating on the water. It is covered with honey and malt oil, then fried. Steps for chicken Dezhou Braised its flavor and elastic to the bone at the next door. Remove the chicken from the vegetable oil when it is fried. / Photo CGTN Chicken in a special knife knife for 8 hours, rise to the top, reach the bone. A soup containing eighteen spices was added to the soup, adding flavor to the next batch. Cui and I tasted the product later in the kitchen, it was alive to stir. With tender meat to break bones and full of flavor, Dezhou Braised Chicken serves as a perfect introduction to Shandong cuisine.

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