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Top 5 Bitcoin And Blockchain Startups in Nigeria.

How could Nigeria, a country with a big number of techies and IT specialists, be left behind when everyone is talking about Bitcoin and the blockchain?

Nobody in 2018 doubts the importance of blockchain technology in the global economy. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have grown so large in the ten years since their inception in 2008 that they are already affecting the economies of entire countries.

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The following are some of the most promising blockchain projects and startups in Nigeria.

1. NairaEx.

The cryptocurrency wave is unmistakably sweeping the globe! As a result, there are currently hundreds of Bitcoin exchange websites functioning and giving services to people in need. Nairaex is one of the websites that focuses especially on the Nigerian market.
NairaEx is one of Nigeria’s most well-known bitcoin exchange platforms. Its services make it simple for users to exchange Nigerian Naira for Bitcoin. The startup, which started operations in 2015, intends to use Bitcoin’s potential to create a more stable and healthy monetary system that allows Nigerians to access Bitcoin’s wealth and power.

For cash payments, unlike most other Bitcoin exchanges, NairaEx does not rely on a payment processor or mobile payment solution. NairaEx saves money by reducing deposit fees, which might be as high as 2.5 percent otherwise. NairaEx’s key aims include making Bitcoin purchases more convenient and being open about pricing and fees.
2. SureRemit

SureRemit is a platform for non-cash remittances. The platform acquired US$7 million via an initial coin offering in order to roll out its digital voucher system, which makes payment easier and cheaper (ICO).

SureRemit will allow immigrants with Remit tokens from all over the world to acquire digital certificates that can be used for goods and services directly from local merchants at their designated locations.
The SureRemit Token eliminates the need for cash in everyday transactions, lowers the cost of transfers, and gives the sender some control and information over how the money is spent.

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3. Bitkoin Afrika

Bitkoin Africa is a P2P cryptocurrency trading platform that allows users to sell and purchase cryptocurrencies from one another. The business solution, which is based in Lagos, Nigeria, caters to Nigerians who are interested in trading prominent cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.
On Bitkoin Africa, buying and trading bitcoin is quick, simple, and secure. Users buy and sell cryptocurrencies by posting trades or responding to them (similar to how LocalBitcoin works). Users establish Trade Postings to let other users know that they are eager to purchase or trade cryptocurrencies.
Bitkoin Africa essentially acts as a middleman in all transactions by providing escrow services. A cryptocurrency wallet is included with every Bitkoin Africa account, allowing users to store, receive, and send cryptocurrency. Users’ Nigerian bank accounts or Naira debit cards are used to conduct Bitkoin Africa transactions, which are carried out online. nge,

4. Ellcrys.

Ellcrys, a Lagos-based business, intends to improve the way developers collaborate using blockchain technology in the hopes of spurring creativity and innovation. Ellcrys is a revolutionary blockchain platform that will enable users to create community-owned software and organizations.
Ellcrys’ blockchain network is designed to address the issues that developers face. In addition to attempting to resurrect collaborative efforts, the company has launched an initial coin offering (ICO) that promises to make mining and distribution of its native cryptocurrency more equitable and accessible.
Ellcrys’ main purpose is to decentralize GIT hosting while also providing a governance framework that allows numerous people to co-own and manage a software project.

5. Nairaswitch.

Nairaswitch is committed to offering a safe and secure platform for Nigerians to purchase and trade popular cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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You may buy and sell Bitcoins in Nigeria by bank transfer, Perfect Money, and Web money via the Nairaswitch platform at fair and competitive market rates.

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