Toronto Travel Guide – A Brief History of a Big City

Toronto can be considered one of the world’s cities to visit because of its people, events, economy, and urbanization. To learn more about how things go, read the rest of this article and learn more about the history of this wonderful urban area. Antiquity In the case of Toronto, it is difficult to describe the ancient culture that lived in that region. As far as we know, there were no permanent settlements and different tribes, including the Mohawks, used this area differently and often set up summer camps. The name Toronto probably comes from the word hawk, which means “a place where trees rise in water”. Rules The French explorer Etienne Brule is the first European to stand on the shores of Lake Ontario. The Toronto Passage quickly became a major hub for the fur trade. This fact later led to a major battle between Britain and France as they tried to dominate. John Graves Simcoe This person is known as the Godfather of Toronto, originally called York. According to him, the colony acted more as a guard on the American border. It soon became the capital of Upper Canada, and the need for roads devoted primarily to rapid military communications led to the construction of three main roads – Young Street, Kingston Road, and Dundas. Yonge Street is still the highest street in the world and extends 1,896 km to the Rainy River.

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