Trump files complaint against Wisconsin election results

President Donald Trump filed a lawsuit in Wisconsin on Tuesday to stop hundreds of thousands of votes in a long-term effort to reverse Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in a war state he lost nearly 20,700 votes. Filedda filed the lawsuit the next day after Democratic Gov. Tony Evers and Wisconsin’s presidential candidate endorsed Biden as the winner of the state’s 10-vote Electoral College. Hasda asked Tory’s 4-3 Supreme Court in Tory to rule on Tory’s case immediately, rather than in lower court. The state’s highest court is also considering whether to hear two more cases from conservatives seeking to sabotage the vote in the presidential election. Isda echoes many of the claims he made without evidence during a poll in the Milwaukee and Dane counties that several by-elections were held without him. City officials followed his statement during the re-reading, and Trump has been a challenging system that has existed for years and has not been found to be illegal. Evers and Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul did not immediately return a message seeking to comment on Trump’s case. “Wisconsin people need an election process as well as a set of rules, which are clear and simple,” Trump Wisconsin attorney Jim Troupis said in a statement. “During this re-enactment of the Dane area of ​​Milwaukee, we are well aware that the negative ballot papers are related to the state’s electoral impact.” Case similar to this sound campaign has dropped in other fighting states. In Phoenix, a judge ruled Thursday in the case of Arizona GOP President Kelli Ward, who seeks to undermine Biden’s victory in the state. A judge allows Ward’s attorneys and experts to review the signature of the envelope sent to 100 stamped files to determine if there are any violations. State Department spokeswoman Katie Hobbs, who supported the results of the Arizona election on Monday, said there was no good basis for conducting the survey.

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