Trump signs COVID-19 relief and spending package today

US President Donald Trump on Sunday signed and promoted guests in the COVID-19 package, the White House said. The $ 2.3 billion hospitality package, which includes $ 1.4 billion in funding to support the media industry, will extend the benefits for Americans living with the disease and preventing the closure of the current economy.

An unlicensed service fee for a non-licensed person at the site of the mass spectacle of the spectator on Saturday, mana will high-start browsing now in Trump’s re-emergence . “As President, my congressional hearings have demanded that I spend more money on raising funds for the United States, $ 2,000 per year, and $ 600 per report,” a statement from the president’s office said. the signature. “Ego is a huge tears. I wish I could focus on Americans!” It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. US President Donald Trump plays golf at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida, US, December 27, 2020. / Reuters of the minority eye-seekers Parliament passed following the controversial issue of a few girls. Congress considered changing the weight to account for the homosexuality of Americans and seniors struggling with the $ 2,000 and $ 600 space bill and then disrupting hospitality on a regular basis “shameful.” Democrats are spending $ 2,000 a month but some other Republicans are against it.

Most wealthy people agree with the guest money of a focus of what should make me a problem over-browsing more mana and — say quick support for Americans short of coronavirus infection stress from application. The president-elect, Joe Biden, was sworn in on January 20 by Trump during the November presidential election, drawing attention to those involved in the “heartbreaking results” on Saturday.


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