UK cheat who sold taken penguins on Facebook shipped off jail

London: A previous birdkeeper who took a couple of penguins from a British zoo and sold them on Facebook was condemned Friday to 32 months in jail.

Bradley Tomes, 25, was condemned by an appointed authority at Preston Crown Court for taking Humboldt penguins Pablo and Penny from Lakes Safari Zoo in northwest England, where he had recently worked in the aviary.

Examiners said Tomes broke into the zoo twice in 2018, taking the penguins and various different flying creatures including spoonbills, egrets and macaws.

He was captured after a creature authority who had purchased the penguins for 9,000 pounds ($11,600) reached a veterinarian on the grounds that the creatures were in chronic weakness. He additionally revealed the episode to police, in spite of the supplications of Tomes, who offered to give his cash back. At the point when Tomes went to the purchaser’s home with the discount, he was captured by holding up cops.

Wendy Evans of the Crown Prosecution Service said Tomes “indicated utter dismissal to the prosperity of the winged animals he took from his past manager for his own monetary benefit.”

“In police talk with he denied submitting the offenses, however once confronted with the mind-boggling proof against him, he confessed,” she said.

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