UK Global Excellence Scholarships 2020-21

Scholarship Description: UK 2020-21 Global Excellence Scholarships are open to international students. The scholarship enables undergraduate courses in science and engineering taught at Queen Mary University, London. The scholarship period expired on June 30, 2020. Graduation Level: Global Excellence Scholarships in UK 2020-21 are available for undergraduate programs at Queen Mary University in London. Available Subjects: The following subjects are available as part of this scholarship program. Science and Technology Scholarships: Queen Mary University, London, offers a £ 2,000 scholarship for your first year of study only. Eligible nationalities: International students can benefit from this scholarship program. Admission Criterion: To be admitted, applicants must meet all of the following criteria: You must have achieved grades of A * AA at level A abroad You must pay the full tuition fees (i.e. not to receive another scholarship). You have to register in year 1 (i.e. transfers in year 2 or pre-registrations are not possible).

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