University of Twente Scholarship(UTS)

Not to be outdone: University Scholarships (UTS) scholarships are desirable for students from the EU / EEA in the EU / EEA-promoted population, looking for new book events (MSc) and University Twente.

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University of Twente, Netherlands Degree / Dream (s) of the following:

Qualified Master’s Program at the University: · Outreach · Physics including · Biomedical Business Information Technology · Chemical Engineering · Civil Engineering in the Council · Advanced Science · Advanced Computer · Building and Engineering · Upgrading of the Technology Work Performance Material · Industrial Engineering and Management · work of Technology · Mechanical Engineering · Nanotechnology · Knowledge of Science, Technology and haha ​​Psychology · Material Objective: International students from EU / EEA in developing countries EU / EEA (see official website for full list) Value / time event: natural event from € 3,000 – € 22,000 per year. In the case of the two-year special program, students have a limited UTS history of the same amount of time as the first course for UTS.

Eligibility: To qualify for UTS, the winners will have to complete everything under: Without money, you will have to carry ways to get an entry form. • You have been accepted (looking for time) in the UT Master program and will start on 2021/2022 (September). Please note: Upon completion of your application, it may take up to 8 weeks

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