UNN PhD scholarships for undergraduate students

Brief Description: The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNU-IIST) invites applications for the fifth PhD program from September 2012 to January 2013. Guests: UNU-IIST (UN University International Institute of Technology), Pisa Site Research University: PhD Program in Information and Communication Technology for Continuing Support on the following research topics:

• PhD Instruction and Model Education for Program Studies in the FLOSS area (currently open)

• PhD Scholarships in Model and Social Studies (currently closed)

• PhD Scholarships and Programs – Electronic Management (currently closed)

• PhD Scholarship in Health and Health Technology (closed) Number of Scholarships: One course available for all conditions except Software and Health which offers 2 Scholarships One Focus: Scholarships open to all students Tuition / participation fee: Study period was 42 months, a 6-month average pe in Pisa, Italy.

The monthly cost is USD 1,000 when you stay in Macau and USD 1,500 during your stay in Pisa. Free insurance is provided. During your stay in Macau accommodation (excluding interest rates) is also provided free of charge.

Qualifications: Candidates for PhD positions must have a Master’s degree in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Software Engineering, Computer Science or any other discipline with an advanced ICT degree, including a strong transcript student. Please see the detailed description of each option by calling the application page (see above).

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