What do we expect from the new comers and old heads in the tournament.

Today is a new day in our world of sport and football it’s day four and we are still gonna witness more exciting matches from the UEFA EUROS and see more from our favorite players and country.

Most country’s are news to the UEFA EUROS tournament. For Scotland this is their first major tournament in 23 years and the Liverpool Andrew Robertson is ready to light up the left flank and the arsenal man KIEREN TIERNEY pairing him at the back line of the defense, with Scott McTominay in the heart of the midfield how far do you think Scotland can go?

Sliding into the record books

Everyday the record books are been filled with new and exciting records created or broken. The north macedonia star Goran pandev has finally gotten his first major international tournament debut since over 20 years of his debut for the country. And pandev is now the second oldest scorer in Euro history. Here is the north macedonia first ever euro goal.

Top young and exciting players we all expect to see in today’s games

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who do you think will star do??

The Europa league winner Gerrard Moreno or the Man utd defender victor lindelof. I think it’s gonna be a pay back time for the man utd player on Gerrard Moreno after the lost in the Europa league finals.

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