Why you should pick Peru as your next travel destination

If you plan to travel through Latin America, don’t forget to put “Peru First on your list. Read on to know what Peru has to offer you as a traveler.

Tell us what floats in your mind when you think of Latin America. Do you think of the world’s largest rainforest Amazon with its thousands of different species and aboriginal tribes? Maybe you think of the Andes range guarding the western part of South America? Or is it all the bizarre festivals of Latin America? 

Whatever it is, Peru might not be the first thing that comes to your mind. However, this South American travel destination has the perfect combination of culture, diversity, history, and adventures waiting for you. On top of it, Peru has one of the most magnificent ancient architecture ruins at Machu Picchu, entirely human-made by the Incas back in the mid-1400s. Peru is said to have 28 different climates – which is not surprising if you count the snow-capped Andes, sandy deserts of Huacachina, and the Amazonian rainfalls. These differences speak volumes of Peru’s geological diversity, echoed in Peruvian cuisine, culture, and lifestyle.

If all these have spiked your interest and are planning to visit South America, here we have listed reasons you should consider Peru as your travel destination.

To take in the magnificent scale of Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu might be the number one reason to visit Peru; your Peru Travel Guide might also suggest visiting it first. Well, apart from it being one of the seven wonders of the world, a visit to Machu Picchu can open up several opportunities for you-a chance to get closer to Inca history and architecture, along with a 4-6 days adventurous hike. The best way to visit this finest specimen of Incan architecture is by taking a hike from Cusco city along the Inca trail arriving at Sun Gate to behold the majestic play of sunrise over this ancient city.

Whether you are an architecture buff or not, this entire human-made structure spreading across the whole mountain, located 2430m above the sea level, is sure to baffle your mind; it is almost like a city in the sky. If you want to picture the scale, the entire built area in Machu Picchu can hold 60733 football fields!

To enjoy the diversified landscape
Peruvian landscape is heaven for all travelers; you can hike through the mountain, explore the Amazonian biodiversity, paraglide over the valleys’, surf through the ocean, and bask in the sun while lounging around the beach. You can marvel at the mysterious large etchings on the ground at Nazca’s deserts, enjoy a sunrise at the lake Titicaca or get your adrenaline rushing with mountain biking around Colca Canyon; the opportunities are endless. This geological diversity is what makes visiting Peru all the more exciting to its visitors.

To explore the cultures and crafts of the sacred valley
Visiting Peru’s sacred valley might be the best way to explore how people survive at such high altitudes. Some of the ancient Inca descended tribes of Peru still live in the Sacred Valley. They have distinct lifestyles, culture, and crafts that will blow your mind. The terraced salt pans of the sacred valley, glistening pink, golden, and white as the sun rays hit upon them, is also a sight you shouldn’t miss.

The traditional Andean weavers of the sacred valley will amaze you with their crafting skills. You can even buy some alpaca weaving sweaters right from the weaver. The holy valley also has some ancient ruins and magnificent little settlements spreading across the valley, which is a marvelous sight to behold.

To pay homage to mother nature in the Amazon rainforest
Do you want to get dwarfed by the 30m high giant trees of Amazon? You might get this chance at your Peruvian jungle tour. Peruvian Amazon covers almost 60% of the country. From pink toed tarantula, giant armadillo to vibrant iguanas, Peruvian wildlife will make you fall in love with it. If you are a nature lover, a remarkable jungle tour in Peru to discover the rainforest is a must for you.

To enjoy the playfulness of river dolphins and colorful winged birds, you might take a cruise down the rivers. If you are lucky, you might catch some piranhas or might even enjoy the healing treatment from an Amazonian shaman in your Amazon tour!

To indulge in the Peruvian cuisine
You need to have a seasoned taste bud to appreciate Peru’s exquisite cuisine. Because of its diversity, Peru won the best culinary travel destination award in 2019. Peru’s geological diversity has made it possible to produce some of its most flavorsome ingredients and condiments. From aji Amarillo paper to sixty different corns and rainforest grown acai and plantains – you will never run out of new foods to entice your taste buds.

What is more exciting about Peruvians’ is that they haven’t stopped their cuisine exploration just with their own distinct South American ingredients. They have also developed a Chinese Peruvian cuisine style – Chifa, by fusing Chinese cooking methods with their homegrown ingredients. And while you are at it, don’t forget to taste the Peruvian spin of coca-cola- the bubble gum flavored “Inca Cola”; you might not drink regular soda ever again.

To enjoy the dynamic city of Lima
Lima is the perfect tourist destination for adventure, vibrant city life, and mouthwatering cuisine. Lima has many different boutique hotels and quirky restaurants that you will enjoy. You can also take an art and culture walk through Barranco, surf the Pacific Ocean, and enjoy the Latino nightlife at Miraflores. While you are in Lima, don’t forget to taste some authentic Peruvian Ceviche, with freshly caught fish from the Pacific.

If you want to explore the traditional Latin American city, you can rent a bike in Lima and set out to explore. Although Lima’s crime scenario was pretty notorious in the past, with the influx of tourist and tourism investment, the city is now a safe place to roam around.

On a final note, this list can go on much longer and be as fascinating as Peru’s diversity. Not many countries will provide you with a luxurious yet affordable travel opportunity as Peru. If all the great archeology, biodiversity, or cuisines of Peru were not enough for you, this prospect of affordable traveling might seal the deal for you. While you don’t need to break the bank to travel to Peru, you might need an adventurous mind and a fit body to accompany you. You wouldn’t want to miss any opportunity because you are tired of your first Peruvian hiking. So pack your bag, grab your passport, and get ready for Peru. And while you are at it, don’t forget to brush up on your Spanish