William Paterson University of New Jersey Scholarships 2022

William Paterson University of New Jersey is a public research university in New Jersey that was established in 1855. It boasts a total undergraduate enrollment of 7,971 students (fall 2020), is located in a suburban setting, and has a campus that is 370 acres in size. It adheres to a semester-based academic calendar structure. The University of New Jersey at William Paterson is ranked #90 in the Regional Universities North category in the Best Colleges 2022 publication. Tuition and fees for in-state students are $13,572; tuition and fees for out-of-state students are $22,138.


William Paterson University of New Jersey Tuition & Financial Aid


For in-state students, William Paterson University of New Jersey charges $13,572 in tuition, while out-of-state students pay $22,138. According to the College Board, William Paterson University of New Jersey is more expensive than the national average for in-state tuition, which is $11,331. Students who come from out of state will find that the tuition is less expensive than the national average cost of out-of-state tuition, which is $27,028, according to the College Board.


Both tuition and fees are included in these statistics, which are commonly referred to as the “sticker price.” Fees vary from institution to institution and may be used to support library services, student gym facilities, student centers, technology resources, and campus health clinics, among other things.


When comparing the expenses of different institutions, keep in mind to compare the overall cost as well as the net price. Room and board, books and supplies, transportation, and personal expenses are included in the total cost, which includes the sticker price plus any additional costs. It is the average cost of attending the institution after financial aid and scholarship money have been deducted from the overall cost of attendance.

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William Paterson University of New Jersey Scholarships


WP offers a large merit scholarship program for new freshmen and transfer students. For more information, please visit the scholarship page. Every year, about 2,000 scholarships are offered, with a total value of over $7 million. Generally, all accepted students are automatically considered for scholarships; no additional scholarship application is required in the majority of cases.


Additional scholarship options for incoming and existing students are also available through the William Paterson University Foundation’s donor scholarship program, which is administered by the William Paterson University Foundation. Scholarships from outside sources, which students investigate and apply for on their own, are also considered.


Scholarly opportunities and awards are presented on a yearly basis through a number of academic departments and are made possible by generous contributions to the William Paterson University Foundation.


Approximately 2,000 scholarships worth more than $7 million are awarded each year by William Paterson University on the basis of financial need, scholastic success, and other associated achievements.


We understand that many of our students will seek financial assistance at some time in their academic careers. So we’re excited about being able to give resources that will allow us to accommodate most kids’ demands while also delivering a learning environment that is devoted to providing academic achievement for all of its members.


Additional to this, the University has a thriving donor scholarship program, which each year distributes more than 600 scholarships for a combined total of more than $1 million to undergraduate and graduate students across all five colleges.

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The scholarships are made possible by the generosity of numerous alumni and friends who understand the importance of higher education and want to make it more accessible to students who demonstrate academic promise while also experiencing financial need. Scholarships are awarded in the spring semester following the completion of an online application. We strongly encourage all students to submit their applications online at


In order to be considered for scholarships at William Paterson University, all students must first submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) (FAFSA). A financial assistance transcript from their prior university must also be submitted by transfer students in addition to their application (s). Students are encouraged to submit their FAFSA by April 1 in order to allow for processing time. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) can be completed online at


The FAFSA application can also be obtained via high school guidance offices, community organizations, and financial aid departments at colleges and universities across the country. Note: The undergraduate award process begins as early as February 1; as a result, it is recommended that you submit your application for admission, scholarship application, and other supporting credentials as soon as possible after receiving your acceptance letter.



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