A non-prescription phone was reported to the police

The suspect and the drug dealers stopped by British police were overjoyed when they could not find anything in his car – until he pulled out his phone to get an interpreter and unknowingly showed police a video of his tabajuana car. Sunderland police regularly stopped a Mercedes car and noticed a smell of alcohol during an interview with its driver and passengers, Northumbria police said in a statement on Monday. The car search did not give any suspects, but one of the suspects, who did not speak English, provided the game. Police said, “Wanting to better understand police, you unlock your phone to type Google Translate.” Police Chief Steve Passey said, “A lot of people are scared. A video appears on his screen showing a large brewery operating.” “It’s fair to say that the suspect hit a little and tried to hang up his phone quickly in the hope that no one saw him.” Police later raided the farm and found “excellent weed control” of 600 weeds on three lands. The two men were arrested on suspicion of possession of Class B drugs and were released on police bail.