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Why Chatmogul

October 1st 2020

As chatmogul number one leading affiliate platform in Africa

We are happy to present to you Mr Joseph Edet Bassey as the Best affiliate of the week.We are more than unique. We are topping this industry all over Africa and the whole soon.Stay tuned and stay bless, if you still never register, Don’t even know what to say to you. It more than missing out

Another reason

Another hot banger. Chatmogul on this one again..

The Best affiliate from 1st March till 31st March to receive a brand new HP laptop from number one earning platform.

As normal it would be delivered to the winner anywhere. Chatmogul got you covered on that.

Chatmogul is not here to play at all. No other platform does this if not chatmogul.

We create and lead, they observe and follow

We do as we always say. More amazing things are Cooking up😍😍. Just relax and enjoy your membership on the chatmogul..

Click on the link below to join us now

You can follow the founder on Instagram @ceo_chatmogul

Another good Reason

We tired our best again.

Almost 900,000k was been paid out for non referral.

A single withdrawal, I doubt if any other site does this if it not chatmogul it can be chatmogul.

No matter how monkey jump it can be like bamboon.

They can copy us but can never ever deliver 10% of what we are doing in this space.

Over 17 months in business and still rolling.

It either you join now when it is still cheap.

We have create a lot of millionaires and we will definitely create more.


1.Filling Incorrect amount of mog and m points
2.Wrong bank account detail
3. Viral post
3. No M points
4. Low earnings we start from the highest to the lowest till the revenue got exhausted
5. Long time inactivness
Trend post

Conversion to Data and Airtime is coming up on 21st Don’t miss it.

Make sure you share Viral post correctly.

You can share now share trend post to your active facebook group, twitter, telegram etc

If you join now, You save money and starting early

You can confirm, Download the list of last non referral payment

       VISION 2030

Another reason

It’s no news that Chatmogul is the No 1 paying platform in Nigeria and Africa at large

Monday’s payroll(15th March 2021)

One Million, three hundred and twenty one thousand, five hundred naira, – N1, 321,500k was paid out in a single day

No platform pays like we do.

Number 1 paying platform

First social earning platform

More mouthwatering features on the way ⛹️‍♀⛹️‍♀⛹️‍♀

If you never join and you’re waiting for us to crash, Grab chair, sit and watch us breaking boundaries

To learn more about this amazing opportunity, tap on the link below

Follow the founder on Instagram @ceo_chatmogul

Chatmogul CMO( Oguntomoni Stephen) handling infinix smart 5 to the winner Joseph Edet

Another BANGA!!

Chatmogul is here with it again,

If you never join chatmogul,

You don’t know what you’re missing.

Registration fee might go up speedily.

The best time to join is now. Like right now!

I think you know the worth and price of an iPhone 11 in market.

No other platform do this if it is not Chatmogul.

Anytime you’re rating chatmogul.

Always out 5 strong star.

A well registered business with exclusive advantages  😂

Wo We die here o

Congratulations to our winners.

Olympic is not to win but to participate.

Expect two different contest in July.

This is Chatmogul

This is VISION 2030
If they born them well make they try this 😂 😂



We have been paying since 2019
We have members from over 7 different countries.

Over 10 millionaires and you are still asking maybe you should join or not

Did you sign an agreement with poverty

Sign up

Follow CEO on Instagram @ceo_chatmogul

Oladapo Bisola (CEO Chatmogul) Daniel Christopher (iPhone winner) Oguntomoni Stephen (CMO Chatmogul)