How to get referrals and make money faster.

Create a WhatsApp Group

Advertise on facebook group. If you wanna make money with low or little streess msg me on WhatsApp

Add like 150 to 200 people to the group

Explain how the business works to them

And get them registered. Happy Earning


For every daily login, you earn 100.

Reading any post earns you 10

Comment on any post earns you 10

When you share our post to your Facebook timeline, you earn 100

You are to earn 5 for every shared post.

And just when you think we are done with means of earning, see another easy means below:

THECHATMOGUL pays you for inviting your friends, relatives, and even your enemies’ lol to join the platform. We pay N1,200 as referral bonus for every person that registers using your registration link.