A plant shooting tips that can stop virus

A city of large proteins, living in every sphere of life. That it is not only animals that suffer. There are about 1000 species of naturally occurring proteins. Deadly insects can destroy large areas of land. The virus has become the second most common problem in agriculture. Often, insects work together. Delicious body of vegetables, can open the door for protein attacks. Antiseptic-treated insects often kill with antiseptics. Currently, there are no active antiseptics or chemical pesticides that can remove insects from plants.

Trees cannot always hide themselves. But this does not mean that attempts to prevent the virus will fail. Proteins can always find a way to replicate any part of the plant, except for one body – shoot. Every ‘unexplained’ branch will, at the end of the plant, be shot. Since the 1950s, people have discovered that a small part of the plant is not affected, not by a few proteins, but by many of them. The knowledge behind it is invaluable. But farmers know that as long as they keep the crop, they can make new plants that do not spread the protein.

By Prof. Zhao Zhong’s research lab at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), attempts to unlock this ongoing mystery. Scientists rinse the leaves to make a wound, allowing insects to enter. Under the microscope, an epic battle occurs. The insect takes over, from leaf to stem, covering every part of the plant. After eight days, many parts of the plant have been infected, but the last part is still affected. “Where the protein ceases to be under the WUSCHEL environment, a very important protein that regulates cell repair. It cannot break down anymore.

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