African MA leadership scholarship

Important Note: ALB provides skilled African residents who wish to obtain an MBA from one of the other universities. Our education comes with a lot of effort, and as always, the ALB program is offered as part of the ALB program. The ALB partnership is for citizens who hope to serve as representatives of their communities, the African community, and the ALB Foundation during their ongoing programs and professional work.

To ensure that ALB objectives are followed in all MBA programs, all ALB members complete the ALB Partnership, which includes the development of a team of business plans that will be implemented in the group areas. In addition, all ALB staff are expected to agree to return to their home country after graduation, and to stay there to work part-time — at least two years. Guest link (s): Available from Thunderbird School of Global Management, Vanderbilt University and IE Business School. Ground (s) of study: MBA programs offered on the list of Target Group institutions: Open curriculum for all Africans. Practical lessons / include:

Eligibility not specified: To be eligible for the ALB Partnership Program, applicants should demonstrate the following through their application: • Promise to return to their home country after the program • Strong professional education, with 3 years or higher of work experience • Qualifications, including bachelor’s degree or master’s degree integration school Qualifications for education are value and practical need.

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