Australia PhD International Awards in Climate Change Impacts, 2021-2022

Scholarship Description: Australia’s International PhD Scholarships on the Impacts of Climate Change (2021-2022) are open to national and international students. The scholarship enables PhD programs in the field of climate change impacts taught at Newcastle University. The scholarship period ends June 30, 2021. Graduation: Australia PhD International Awards in Ramifications of Climate Change (2021-2022) are available for PhD programs at Newcastle University. Available subjects: The following subjects are available for study under this scholarship program. Scholarship Benefits: The University of Newcastle awards a salary as a reward to interested and outstanding international students. Eligible nationalities: National and international students can participate in this scholarship program. Eligibility Criterion: To be eligible, applicants must meet all of the following / prescribed criteria: They must hold a Class 1 award, or a Class II, Division 1 award, or other degree approved by the Assistant Dean for that right . A four-year bachelor’s degree, which is a major component of high-level research education, is generally equivalent to an Australian Honors Baccalaureate. Must have other academic or professional qualifications and / or experience approved by the Associate Dean upon request of the university. On the recommendation of the school, a minimum of professional experience was achieved in the disciplines of education, medical physics, nursing, social work, social sciences and surgery, as required by the vice dean (training in research).

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