Barcelona and Athletico Madrid in talks over Saul-Griezmann swap deal

Barcelona and Atletico Madrid are currently discussing and negotiating an exchange deal, seeing Griezman return to Madrid and Saul moving to Nou Camp, but the swap deal all depends on Antonie Griezman’s decision.

Bacelona stands firm on the fact that they want money for the contract + players will not reduce their salaries.

Although, Saúl has also received transfer opportunities from more than one Premier League club, including Manchester United and Liverpool.

Athletico Madrid President Cerezo says “This is a world of football, anything is possible. At the moment, nobody knows what the result of these negotiations will turn out to be.” “Is Griezmann coming back? If it happens, it’s a pleasant surprise … you’ll know something soon, ”Deportes Cuatro said.

Griezmann’s testament:

The behavior of the former Athletico Madrid’s top striker may be decisive in the negotiation between both spanish clubs, as the Frenchman must leave Blaugrana, who has a great need to balance his books so that they can register new signatures before the next season. The fact that he still has over three(3) years remaining in contract with Barcelona means he can manage the situation in case he wants to force his will on the club.

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