Beijing introduces tracking system for importation of goods

Shrimps and Thai, fish fillet in Norway da beef naman from New Zealand all the most important ingredients are included in the diet. But are they still healthy to eat? This will be a major food disaster for China after the six-year-old outbreak of domestic disease since August, according to a news report linked to unhealthy food. Although officials say the spread of the disease is widespread among people living within these variables, the sun sleeper says it is all non-technical and not by the format we are importing from created from cold. To alleviate the threat posed by these kinds of complaints, Beijing is one of the first cities to produce a digital object, the “Beijing Cold-Chain System,” to address such issues. The Beijing government has issued a Trade Act, all products are subject to dealings with imported food products with imported information to make the best of the posted information added, gami and real advice and distorted information, to the platform. It is important that consumers who have already set up an information monitoring system on the platform, tomorrow. Visiting the cold food department in all the flour in the kitchen which is a stressful application from outside, the customer will now be able to get more information about checking the QR number on their phones and using the app new. A great word show in Beijing, a non-profit tool to deliver high quality content to the customer and customer. Zhang Xinyu, general manager, said, “The Beijing Cold-Chain program was launched on the 1st day. Manager of the Freshippo Market Public Relations Department in Beijing.” “If you come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position.” ., the information is just right, and the countries that are trying the sun are very happy. ”It takes a lot of time to research the number and spend on nucleic acid. It’s fast and I agree, ”said a customer at a supermarket.