Canadian immigration for tech workers: Express Entry, PNPs, and work permits ANALYSIS

Canada offers multiple immigration and work permit programs for highly-skilled tech workers.

Tech workers, with their education and experience, do well in many of Canada’s leading broad economic immigration pathways, both at the federal and provincial or territorial levels.

These multilayers of government have developed innovative and specific programs to attract and retain tech workers, such as the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), and a host of provincial programs, such as the Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS). Let’s have a look at some more of these programs across Canada.


Global Talent Stream

CUSMA Professionals

Intra-Company Transfer

British Columbia






If one looks at the programs managed under Express Entry, the importance of technology workers is clear. These programs have no explicit preference for technology workers, although certain provincial streams aligned with these programs do have such preferences. But in the most recent Express Entry Annual Report, the three most common occupations of individuals who received invitations to apply under Express Entry were all technology occupations.