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Career Guide – Top 5 Highest Paid Jobs In France

When you think of France, you probably think of great wine, maybe even cheese. At best, you may even think of the Eiffel Tower, but what few of us associate with France is financial prosperity. However, the median salary in the country is € 2,157 (£ 1,180), more than € 1,000 more than the European Union average. This basically means that if you tend to move to this diverse country, you will most likely be able to make a living.

Here are the top (5) highest paid jobs in France to help you choose wisely.

5. Public service officersWhat they do: The public service in France is divided into four divisions: the public service of the State, the judiciary, the public service of public hospitals, and the public service of local authorities. Depending on the division of the public service in which individuals work, their tasks may vary, the common thread is that they must provide quality service to the public. What they gain: The public service in France is very hierarchical and to become a high employee, you have to patiently climb the ladder. Once you do, however, the earning potential is high and public servants can earn an average of € 103,000 (£ 88,000) per year. How to become one: most public service positions are open to European nationals and, depending on the grade of the position you are interested in, you may or may not need a diploma. However, you will have to pass a very competitive exam.

4. Directors of companies

What they do: A business owner essentially runs a business. Responsibilities include overseeing daily operations and developing policies, as well as regulatory compliance. A business manager is also responsible for managing different teams and ensuring that the decisions made will be profitable for the business.

What they gain: Entrepreneurs have many responsibilities and are well paid. The average salary in France is around € 115,000 (£ 98,700). How to become a: To become a business owner, you usually have to start as a new employee and progress. To do this, you will need determination and commitment to your goal. Keep in mind that a bachelor’s degree can help you find a job in one of the best companies in the country while obtaining an MBA will go a long way in advancing your career.

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3. Brokers

What they do: A broker essentially organizes and facilitates the transaction between a buyer and a seller, and receives a commission when the transaction is executed. Brokers must know the market from top to bottom, so they must follow the news of the sector and be able to anticipate trends. What they earn: Although they are a relatively new profession, brokers have quickly reached the top and can earn an average of € 115,000 (£ 98,700) per year. How to Become a: Brokers are generally expected to hold a bachelor’s degree in the financial sector. However, to become a licensed broker, you will also need to pass an exam, while the more qualifications and experience you have related to the industry, the better your chances.

2. Doctors

What they do: The healthcare system in France is largely funded by the government and, as such, doctors work primarily for the government when they work in public hospitals, although there are also opportunities in the public sector. What they earn: Being the second-highest-paid job in France, doctors earn a lot. Experienced doctors can earn an average of € 118,000 (£ 101,000) per year. How to become one: To become a doctor in France, you must study between 9 and 11 years old, depending on the specialty he wishes to practice. The studies are divided into three-year cycles, the last ranging from three to five years.

1. Members of the board of directors

What they do: The board of directors of an organization is primarily responsible for implementing strategies that target growth and generate profit. Usually, this body represents the shareholders of a company and is responsible for ensuring that management makes the right decisions.What they earn: Since the board is at the top of the food chain, they also earn the most lucrative salaries. In France, this translates into € 250,000 (£ 214,000) on an annual basis. How to become a member: the members of a board of directors are generally also shareholders, which means that if you want to become one, you will have to climb the ranks of a company to claim this position. Have academic qualifications

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