Career Test: Our Top Five(5)

Not sure what kind of job is right for you? A career test can give you some answers.

What is a career test and how does it work?

A career test (also called a career development test) is a set of questions designed to help you learn more about yourself so you can figure out which jobs best suit your personality, needs, and goals. Because when you want to find a job you really want to do, you have to consider factors other than salary, working hours, and the like.

You also need to think carefully about what kind of job and environment is right for you and it will bring you the most satisfaction in both the short and long term.

Factors that a career test can cover:
Skills reinforce benefits
Emotional intelligence values ​​
Personality traits

And while many career tests work best when the results are interpreted by a professional, the 5 self-assessments listed below can give you a feel for where you should go and how you should market yourself. Many of these are free career tests, so you can start without a dime.

The career developments below are divided into two categories: personality assessment and career assessment. We recommend that you try both tests to get a thorough picture of what kind of job and workplace would provide the greatest job satisfaction. Choose one (or more!) Of the following career tests and prepare to see your future.

Top 5 Career Tests Career Testing

1. This review can help you identify your motive and what is really important to you in your career. MyPlan. You will walk away from this career test with a list of 739 positions ranked by your style. Not bad, is it?

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2. iSeek Clusters The iSeek survey allows you to rate enjoyable activities, your personal qualities, and the school subjects you enjoy. Then you can see which career clusters match your interests. And this is another quick one that takes five to ten minutes.

3. MyNextMove MyNextMove is a tool that uses O * Net data sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor to determine your work interests. Unlike other tests, this test asks how you can estimate how much you want to perform very specific tasks such as “building kitchen cabinets,” “setting bricks,” and “buying and selling stocks and bonds”. Wait, these are 60 questions.

4. MAPP Test More than 8 million people around the world have participated in this career development. It tells you what you want to do and what you don’t want to do. It also uses the O * Net job list to identify suitable jobs. You’ll have to pay over $ 90 for their “starter pack,” where you’ll see the top 20 matches of your career. Their “Executive Package” costs $ 149.95, and you get a 30-page rating and rankings for 900 careers. But if you just want to try it for free, you get five possible careers.

5. Holland Code career test The self-assessment of the Holland Code is considered.

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