COVID-19: Oman exposes to visa-free travel

A decision was made on Monday by the Judiciary Council to deal with COVID-19 to allow you to obtain a travel document to enter the Sultanate. A statement released by the Oman News Agency (ONA) online said, “The Supreme Council has decided to allow the issuance of passports to enter the Sultanate, as long as the availability of travelers is within the reach of domestic travelers. . banquet and overnight hotel buildings. ”The statement added,“ The Judiciary Council has also decided to suspend employment and reduce the number of employees who need to come to work in the department of state administration and other public policy, starting on Sunday, 6th. December 2020. ”“ The most important committee calls for the need for all who will continue to take appropriate precautions to avoid the spread of the disease, and to follow public decisions. “The commission has also decided to open a new package of commercial and manufacturing services, as well as the need for special projects to follow effective anti-dumping measures, the competent authorities will announce the details of the projects,” he said. the information is included