Direct CNA interview questions

Question 1: Why do you want to become a CNA? This is one of the most common CNA interview questions because your answer shows how committed you are to the position: Start with a story that shows that you enjoy caring for people. Give examples of how you have been a caregiver. How could you answer “I’ve always been interested in caring for others. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents growing up and enjoying helping them in the house as they got older. I was a volunteer in high school. A local geriatric hospital. I’m looking forward to caring for my career.” Certified nursing assistants do not kill cooperating patients all the time. The hiring manager will ask you CNA interview questions to make sure you can stay calm and turn a negative situation into a positive one. Answers given using the STAR method can help you get the perfect answer: Recognize that difficult patients are part of the job. Tell us about a situation where you manage to treat a difficult patient. How to answer “Patients with pain or anxiety can be difficult. I cared for a patient who didn’t want to take their medication. I stayed positive and calm, I asked why he didn’t want to take medication, and I listened to the answer…. He didn’t like how it made him sleepy.I agree it was really a side effect but I was there to help him.When he still refused I explained to him the choices.When it didn’t work I decided to try later later.I came back in 30 minutes when he felt for better, and I gave him medicine. If it had been urgent, I would have asked my supervisor for help.

“Question # 3: What should you do when you come to a patient’s room for the first time? Your response to a CNA interview about nightmares lets the interviewer know that you care about patients as individuals and help them maintain their dignity.

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