Egyptian cultural question on the ‘pyramid of progress’ image

Egyptian lawyers on Tuesday began an investigation into the nature of the uniform after appearing on an internet photo released in a famous and disrespectful old area, legal sources said. The woman, Salma Al Shimi, was outraged when she posted a photo showing her wearing a Pharaoh’s dress and in front of the Pyramid Stage and other monuments in Giza and southern Cairo. Archaeologists say that the statues ruined the civilization of ancient Egypt. Archaeologists reported to the attorney general of the incident who ordered the arrest of the woman and the photographer. A so-called “Social Democrat” lawyer, a non-governmental organization, filed a complaint about the culture, accusing him of insulting Egypt and mocking the ancient Egyptian nation. . A police investigation revealed that Al Shimi had entered the suburbs wearing a black jacket, with his own photographer. He wears pharaonic robes under skirts. A former employee called the photo “inappropriate and offensive”. “It just made us aware then. They are a disgrace to archeology and the message [of archeology],” said Sabry Faraj, director of the Saqqara Mysterious Community in Giza. “As a result, the case was taken to court. We will punish the families,” he told the secret television station DMC. The dispute, ancient sources said, gave no further details.Egypt has upgraded various ancient sites to upgrade its tourism headquarters.

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