Fully funded Create Dav Summer School program in Canada, 2019

Scholarship Description: The fully funded Create Dav Summer School program in Canada, 2019 is open to international students. The scholarship enables bachelor’s degrees in mathematics, computer science, engineering, and psychology to be taught at. The grant period is. Scholarship description: Applications for the fully funded program of the Create Dav Summer University 2019 organized by CREATE-DAV are possible. This program is open to a PhD student (preferably third year) with a background in computer science, math, engineering, or psychology. Scholarship Provider: Creative Program for Multi-Institutional and Interdisciplinary Data Analysis and Visualization (DAV) at York University in Toronto offers a paid summer school for big science in the humanities. The program covers all transportation costs and provides room and board on campus. CREATE-DAV is an NSERC-funded training program jointly developed by York University, OCAD University, Concordia University, and the University of Toronto. Graduation: The scholarship is open at Bachelor level. Available subject: The scholarship is awarded in the field of computer science, mathematics, engineering or psychology. Scholarships: The program covers travel expenses up to CAN $ 1300. In other words, if the travel expenses exceed this amount, the applicant will be responsible for paying the balance of their travel expenses. Eligible Nationalities: Scholarships are available to students from all over the world.

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