GameStop investors may have changed day trading forever

Day traders organized on a Reddit thread have spearheaded GameStop mania, an unprecedented situation in the financial markets. The GameStop frenzy continues. The video game retailer was close to death in 2019 and held out for almost two years, Insiders Ben Gilbert reported. As of August, the stock traded at just $ 5 per share. By January 27, GameStop hit new highs of over $ 325 per share, an increase of 8,000% and more from a few months ago. At the end of January 29, the stock was trading at $ 295 per share. Private investors seem to have all of this largely under control. The term refers to individual investors who buy stocks as personal investments. Many of them are likely to be day traders, a type of retailer who buys and sells stocks and options in a single day, usually taking advantage of short-term price movements.

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