How fresh graduates can know the best career jobs to pick

You’ve spent the last four years working hard to get to this point, but now you’re confused and asking yourself, “What work should I do?” Knowing how to figure out what jobs you’re applying for when you’re graduating from college can seem as challenging as the university itself. As confusing as it is, you can complete some easy steps to help narrow down the entry-level jobs that work best for you. To help you solve this really important task, Monster partnered with career counseling expert and social activist Shadé Zahrai to share tips to help you succeed in your first job. Zahrai, Director of Influenceo Global Inc., is an expert in adapting neuroscience and psychology to understandable and practical strategies to help you find a suitable job and grow your career along the way.

Below are four questions you can ask yourself so you can figure out which jobs you’re applying for. Where am I good? The obvious starting point is to think about what you are inherently good at. Maybe it’s a skill that comes so naturally that it almost doesn’t require effort, or maybe you’ve been able to develop skills in this mode for your studies or because of volunteer experiences or internships. Think about your courses, projects, or clubs you may have been involved in.

What did you do well? Were you good at working with people or even leading a team? Do you have the skills to understand data and statistics? Are you good at listening and asking questions? Take the time to list what you are talented about. And even ask family and friends where they think you’re good. Their answers may even surprise you! What I want to do? This is an issue that most people too often ignore or avoid throughout their careers.

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When figuring out what kind of job is being sought, most people focus only on what they are good at, whether they enjoy it or not. And many times they find themselves doing work where they are qualified, but it empties them. No wonder why many people who suffer from burning get into misery in their careers.

So do yourself a favor and take the time to think about where you will find yourself really leaning. What are your strengths that also strengthen you? It can be problem solving, studying complex scenarios, working

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