How Much Does It Cost to Study Masters in Canada

It’s every student’s dream to study in Canada. The benefits you get as a student for studying in Canada far outweigh the cost and expenses that come with it. However, in this article, we will discuss what it would cost you to do your master’s in Canada.

There are so many factors that would affect the cost you pay to study in Canada, and this includes the university, the course program, the location you are residing in, and many more. You should also note that international students pay more in tuition and other fees compared to students who are Canadians or permanent residents.

How Much Does Domestic Students Pay

Canadians and permanent residents enjoy a lot of benefits such as scholarships, grants, fees reduction from the Canadian government. The Canadian government has also invested much more in Canadian education as well, to see that tuition fees and the general cost for education is low for all.

Domestic students in Canada pay less than half of what international students pay, and the latest research shows that in the 2020-2021 academic year the cost of doing masters in Canada was in the range of CAD $2,500 (USD $1,955) and CAD $18,000 (USD $14,080).

This amount will be higher if you are going for professional courses like medicine, MBA, and others. The cost of studying MBA is CAD $56,328 (USD $4,062). If you will like to get more information about the cost of most course programs offered in Canada then look for details here

Students may also pay other fees which include, continuation fees (for students who wish to extend their studies beyond the normal length of the program) you’d pay less than CAD $1,000 (USD $782) sometimes more, Health insurance usually between CAD $200 and CAD $300 (USD $157-235), or a supplementary fee which may include charges for administrative costs, services, and resources which would cost around CAD $100 (USD $78).

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How Much Does International Students Pay

International students pay double what a domestic student pays for tuition and other charges. To study a master’s program students are expected to pay on an average between $17,744 (USD $13,880) and $25,044 (USD $21,080).

Another important factor to consider is the cost of health insurance which is compulsory for all students. You may not need to pay any money for health insurance if you are studying in the provinces listed below because they would normally cover international students under their public healthcare plans.


British Columbia


New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador


For the other province like Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island or Quebec, you must purchase a health insurance cover. The cost for health insurance ranges between CAD $600 and CAD $1,000 per year (USD $470-782).

The Most Affordable Universities for Master’s Degree

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Average Tuition Fee       CAD 4,000

Brandon University

Average Tuition Fee       CAD 8,591

University of Saskatchewan

Average Tuition Fee       CAD 6,536

University of British Columbia

Average Tuition Fee       CAD 7,641

University of Alberta

Average Tuition Fee       CAD 10,260

University of Manitoba

Average Tuition Fee       CAD 10,280

University of Guelph

Average Tuition Fee       CAD 10,544

McGill University

Average Tuition Fee       CAD 12,600

University of Calgary

Average Tuition Fee       CAD 12,695

University of Moncton

Average Tuition Fee       CAD 12,030

What Is the Cost of Living in Canada?

The cost of living covers the cost of food, accommodation, transportation, etc. depending on which province you are residing in, you may pay more for food and accommodation or lesser.

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On-campus Rent $600

Mobile phone (basic package) $30

Public Transit Pass $40

Groceries/Food $300

Entertainment/Clothes/Gifts $80

Car: Insurance $1,500

Car: Fuel $200