How to get a US visa yourself

Getting a visa to enter the US on your own is not difficult if you approach the matter responsibly. There are four steps to issuing a visa: payment of consular fees; Fill out the questionnaire. Formation of a series of documents; Go to an interview. How and Where to Complete a US Visa Application Form: Step-by-Step Instructions The Consulate’s official website is where a US visa application form is completed. For many applicants, the completion of the DS-160 is the most problematic moment. If the questionnaire and the attached certificates show the slightest deviation, the examiner will issue a visa refusal. In that case, of course, you can appeal, but the process will have to start over, which will take more time. You will also have to pay consular fees again, which will double the cost of your visa. To prevent this from happening, you must carefully fill out all fields. Remember that if you are away from the computer for more than 20 minutes and all unsaved data is lost, your session will automatically end. It is best to save them after each step. In addition, the applicant receives his individual number, which is automatically sent to him in the electronic mailbox specified as a letter during registration.

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