How To Record a Zoom Meeting On iPhone

Online meetings can be recorded. Because it allows users to revisit what was discussed previously, several online meeting technologies have warmed up to the idea of a recorded meeting. As a result, online meeting solutions like Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Zoom all offer the option to record a conference.

Record a Zoom meeting on iPhone

Zoom allows you to record meetings, but there are certain limitations. A meeting can be saved locally or on the cloud. You’ll need a premium Zoom subscription to save a meeting in the cloud, and this is the biggest roadblock to recording a Zoom meeting on an iPhone.

Record a Zoom meeting on iPhone – Paid Zoom account

A paid Zoom account makes it incredibly easy to record a meeting on a mobile device. This is because the recording is saved in Zoom’s own cloud and the device’s own storage space is irrelevant.

  • Open Zoom and start a meeting (or join a meeting where the host allows recordings).
  • Tap the More options button at the bottom right.
  • Select Save to Cloud.
  • The meeting will start recording.
  • Once the meeting is over, you can access it from the Recording tab of the Zoom web interface.

Record a Zoom meeting on iPhone – Free Zoom account

You’ll need to rely on a recording solution that works outside of Zoom if you don’t have a paid Zoom subscription. Fortunately, iOS includes a built-in taped screen that is ideal for the purpose.

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Make sure you have enough disk space and that the recording toggle is conveniently accessible before you begin recording.

Check storage space

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to General> iPhone Storage.
  • At the top, check the free space.

Add Record Toggle to Control Panel

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to the Control Center.
  • Under Controls Included, make sure screen recording is added.
  • If not, tap the plus button next to it in the list of commands.

Record a Zoom meeting

You are now ready to record the Zoom meeting. You can start recording before or after the meeting starts. It’s yours.

  • Swipe down from the top right corner of the screen to open Control Panel.
  • Press the Save command.
  • The recording will begin and you will see the time appear with a red highlight to indicate the current recording.
  • Touch the hour highlighted in red to stop recording.
  • You can access the recording from the Camera Roll / Photos app.


If you record a Zoom meeting on your iPhone using the iOS recording tool, it will be highlighted in red to indicate recording. Meeting attendees won’t know they’re recorded, so let them know ahead of time that they are.

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