How to say yes and accept a job offer

You may feel screaming victorious “yes!” When the recruiter offers you a job, but you have to play just fine.

When an employer makes a job offer, they effectively put their cards on the table and want you to do the same – which means they want you to put your cards on the table and accept a seat there and then. Do so and give up bargaining power. Poor movement.

Follow these guidelines to understand how to accept a job offer properly:

1. Thank you for your offer Whether you are in contact in person, by phone or email, thank the offeror and say how excited and grateful you are before you do anything else. Regardless of whether you plan to return by negotiating or accept the offer without modification, this will start a good tone for the conversation. Keep looking forward.

Keep in mind that the company is vulnerable – you may not accept their offer – so make them feel less interested in the role. Using words like “excited” and “excited” does the thing, without saying you agree with the position.

2. Request a quote in writing When you learn to accept a job offer, you need to know exactly what you are saying yes to. Once you have thanked your employer, you can request to receive an offer in writing. The formal job offer must include at least the job title, start date, salary, and details of benefits. This step does two things: it makes the offer official. It will allow you to go through the details thoroughly to make sure you fully understand what is being offered to you.

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Ask how long you will have to give the final answer after receiving the letter. If an employer says they need an immediate response, that’s a bad sign. Proper acceptance of a job offer requires due diligence, and the company is well aware of this. Pushing you doesn’t give the best impression, and is usually used as a scare tactic.

A responsible employer wants potential employees to think for a while – usually a day or two – before accepting a job offer. But if you want to negotiate the terms, you respond by saying, “I’ve considered the offer, and it’s a great opportunity. I want to discuss the details in more detail. When can we arrange a time for a discussion or appointment?”

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