In Jaime Xie’s world of ‘Bling Empire’, the tech heiress goes her own way as a fashion influencer

Fashion influencer Jaime Xie, daughter of tech billionaire, stars on Netflix’s hit show “Bling Empire”. A few years ago, Jaime Xie’s mother made him a bet. “My mother said, Jaime, if you go in Parsons I’ll get you a Birkin,” Xie told Insider, referring to the exclusive Herms handbag. Xie is the 22-year-old daughter of billionaire Ken Xie, the Asian-American billionaire who built the world’s first firewall and VPN. He is currently the founder and CEO of the cybersecurity company Fortinet. He previously founded Systems Integration Solutions and NetScreen, which he sold to Juniper Networks in 2004 for $ 4 billion. Jaime told Insider that while she was born and raised in Silicon Valley, “being surrounded by tech and Teslas”, tech wasn’t really his thing. She said she had been in love with fashion since college when she realized that Chanel and Louis Vuitton were way cooler than the Hollisters and Abercrombs she hung in her closet. Of course, Xie wanted to study the fashion business at Parsons, one of the best fashion schools in America – she wanted Birkin to offer it too – it would be her first after all. She entered Parsons (and acquired the Birkin) but chose not to attend and instead enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. About a year later, she gave up focusing on influencing full-time work. She now has a little over 300,000 Instagram followers. Currently, Xie told Insider that she makes nearly $ 100,000 a year through collaborations and brand partnerships. She buys her own clothes with her own money and regularly attended sewing weeks in Paris and fashion shows in Milan before the pandemic. Snapshots of their lives can be seen in Netflix’s new hit series “Bling Empire”, which chronicles the lives of wealthy Asians and Asian Americans in Los Angeles.