Iraq amind high tension with US begins drons drills

A major offensive by these Iranian forces began in the center of Semnan province in Iran on Tuesday, the day during the U.S. anniversary of the assassination of a senior Iranian official and the death of a soldier in Iraq. Many drones come from those who are serious about the program, the company about Tasnim said. Seyyed Mahmoud Mousavi, the deputy chief of staff for military operations, said, “In the ensuing process, martial arts systems from the dream, the air and the Iranian army began the massive operation in the central Semnan region.” in Iran, January 5, 2021. / CFP “The quiet operation of the drone occupants with the spirit and destruction of the target scene and the echo storm, the target site and the bombardment and bombardment, as well as the full shadow of suicides drones, it is said. Mousavi said the show, alongside the equipment, high-stakes a new collection of fighters in drones.

The incident comes two days after the assassination of Iran’s first president, Qassem Soleimani, at the US embassy in Baghdad, two weeks before President-elect Joe Biden took office. Iran said on Thursday it was enriching uranium with 20 percent of its pure white, face strong reactions in the United States and when Iran seized a South Korean ship in the Gulf.

Iran’s Hankuk Chemi has been arrested on suspicion of plotting to assassinate South Korean President Hosni Mubarak. South Korea wants to relinquish its territorial waters, but the Gulf state is still recovering. South Korea will send people to replace the government in Iran “spend the first day” in support of talks for the project, Seoul’s Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday.