Law enforcement veterans say the siege of Capitol Hill was only the tip of the iceberg of the “sectarian” threat that right-wing extremists pose to the United States

National security vets told insiders the Capitol Hill siege was just the tip of the iceberg amid threats from white right-wing extremists. On January 6, thousands of mostly white legal fanatics stormed the US Capitol, raided offices, and hunted down lawmakers and the incumbent vice president as they rebelled against the results of a free and fair election. The event was a breathtaking window into the violent and racist ideology that had simmered beneath the surface for decades before it exploded into the light after its supporters were constantly fed lies and disinformation by a president angry about his loss of the election. Today, many insurgents are facing federal charges, and former President Donald Trump is considering a second charge and possible prosecution. But police officers and national security veterans say the January 6 siege was only the tip of the iceberg as the government struggled to combat the violence of white supremacists, some of whom may slip into their own ranks. Frank Montoya Jr., a recently retired FBI special agent, told Insider that Capitiol HQ indicates that right-wing extremism poses a “fundamental” threat to national security, even more so than the groups. Foreign terrorists. In fact, many of these extremists are white American citizens, some with military backgrounds, and are less likely to be portrayed as a terrorist threat than those of Middle Eastern descent after 9/11.

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