London has confirmed for the highest end of COVID-19 resistance

London will enter the highest level of coronavirus protection due to concerns about the high number of cases, a health official announced Monday. The first British tour on “Tier 3” by 0001 GMT Wednesday means the theater as well as shops, restaurants and other places to close, except for food. People should not be with anyone who is not from their home, but they can gather in groups of up to six people in public. Health Secretary Matt Hancock says London has seen a “rise” in lawsuits and hospital admissions, and there are public health concerns about a new type of coronavirus. “This practice is very important, not only to protect people but because we have seen when the first thing can be done to avoid further damage and long-term problems,” he told lawmakers. In some places, burning cases every seven days, he said, warns: “It takes a few people to get through the NHS.” Scientists have identified “new strains” of protein in southern England that could cause the disease to spread, Hancock adds.